What can interior house painting mean for you?

One of the quickest and most affordable means of transforming the look of any interior space is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Of course, you have an extensive assortment of colors and finishes to choose from, which means you are far better able to match your existing décor. You can even use various techniques to create accent, emphasis, and ambiance, and that’s where it pays to have an experienced team for your interior painting service. Let’s find out more about what this can mean for you.

Making the most of interior painting

There’s more painting your interior than merely picking up a brush and applying color. Having the proper tools and supplies is an absolute necessity to achieve the results you desire and protect areas around the painted surfaces. Being experienced becomes necessary if you are painting to cover up damages or dark paint colors with a lighter color.
On average, at least two gallons of paint are necessary to cover an average-sized room fully. For darker undercoats, a primer is likely required as well. Your professionals will discuss larger or smaller spaces and any incidentals that could occur based on your specific conditions and requirements, so feel free to ask if you have questions.

It’s essential to choose the right finish for any interior space, especially in a high traffic area.

Here are some quick facts on what is available.

  • Flat – This is perfect for areas of low traffic, for ceilings and walls alike.
  • Matte – Perfect for living room and bedroom walls.
  • Eggshell – High traffic spaces in living rooms and dining rooms will benefit from this finish.
  • Low Luster – Works best for trim and door facings.
  • Pearl or Satin – Trim, cabinets, doors, and walls are best suited for this finish.
  • Semi-gloss – Another finish perfect for trim, cabinets, and doors.
  • High-gloss – A very durable finish for cabinets, doors, trim, and architectural details in high traffic areas.

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