Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom remodeling can change everything

There are many advantages to using a professional bathroom remodeling service, saving you time, money, and peace of mind. In addition to the complete transformation of this daily used space, you’ll experience the peace of knowing that everything will be carried out in a professional manner that you can trust. If you have questions about the process following the facts we’re about to give you, please reach out for a more personalized consultation.

A few facts about professional bathroom remodeling

Choosing a professional team for these services is a great idea, especially if you have any reason to believe there might be structural repairs necessary. The integrity of inner walls and subfloors, for instance, must be sound, especially when moving appliances or lighting, and our team can assure a job that keeps you and your family protected long term. We also take care of any permits or paperwork that might be required, based on the project’s size.

A tile shower is an excellent addition to this area, which allows you to utilize a highly water-resistant material in a space where it is most necessary. It also adds a unique style, personalized with designs and mosaics of your choosing and matched to accompanying tile flooring and backsplashes. What’s more, this material offers a lifespan that can exceed 50 years with proper maintenance and upkeep, so you’ll gain years of service and enjoyment from the materials.

Bathroom flooring is a significant choice in any home renovation and has a specific set of requirements that must be met for safety and lifespan. For instance, if tiles are used, a gritty, slip-proof surface coat can be added, which is incredibly helpful in households with small children or elderly persons. Your chosen material must also be highly water-resistant or entirely waterproof to assure that your materials don’t take on water damage that will require replacement long before it’s necessary.

We make the bathroom remodeling process easier

At Houston Floor Installation Services, we strive to provide materials and services that make sense for your bathroom project. No matter how large or small, we have everything you need for a successful remodeling experience. Our mobile showroom, based in Houston, TX, is proud to serve residents from Houston, TX, Conroe, TX, Humble, TX, Spring, TX, (and/or) Katy, TX, so be sure to contact us when you’re ready to get started. We provide bathroom flooring and everything you need for the perfect personalized space.